Bottom Line: from the Seniors to the Freshmen the entire band deserves respect. Especially the Seniors; Right?! Absolutely!!!! Years of dedication and determination has culminated into the Senior class. A Class of leaders and wonderful musicians. However, they had to come from somewhere and where might that somewhere be? For most, it was Cedartown Middle School. That’s right, can’t get to 12th grade without first going through 8th.

It’s time the 8th grade stood up and let the High School know that they have what it takes to be a Cedartown High School Band Member. 8th Grade WE BELIEVE IN YOU!!!! So come on up and join the coolest and most life long beneficial group you can join in High School. It’s time for you to experience the Band Life!!!! You’re Needed, You’re Wanted, and We Know you’ve got what it takes. Why? Cause you Rock!!!!

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