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Take a look at our Help Tab at your convenience. Band Life offers so much to your Student but it takes resources to make it work.


Volunteers are the life blood of any club, group, business or nation. It's no different with band life. For each and every Band student to have the best experience they can have, the parents, school, and community need to engage and invest in the Band Program.


For each and every Band Student to really experience the fullness afforded them in Band, they will need to compete, see other bands play, have the latest resources available to them. This cannot happen without financial support.


Words cannot express both the need had and gratitude given for those who volunteer and donate to this most excellent cause: the encouraging and developing of young minds to appreciate, play, and enjoy music.

Cedartown High School Band Offers


There is something amazing about the language of music. It touches the soul of a person. Students attending Cedartown High School Band will learn about music: how to read it, play it, and perform it. They will be taught skills that will help them for life.

Team Work

From our vast Military to Corporate America team work is an essential skill. Cedartown High School Band Students will learn to work together and will experience the pride and satisfaction of overcoming challenging tasks, programs, and competitions.


Experience makes a person and the right experiences help make a person better. That’s what Band Life if all about. Good Experiences, Quality Experiences, Life Long Experiences. That’s what Good Teaching, Good Team Work, and Good Experiences bring.

Would you like an easy way to support the Band? Amazon allows you and I to do just that. Supporting the Band at Amazon will not cost you at all. It’s a free service provided by Amazon to support local and national groups. Thank you for thinking of us when you shop. To do so simply select the button below. It will take you to your account and when you prepare to check out it will show at the bottom of your Order Summary, below the total, that you are supporting the Cedartown Band Parents Club. No additional cost and it is as simple as selecting the button below to get started. Once again, Thank you!

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